Finance Officers

Modern day Finance Executives becoming more and more a holistic leader

The CFO of today is facing broader responsibilities as most trusted advisor and sparring partner of the CEO but also taking care of stakeholder interests. Compliance, accounting and reporting have become a hygiene factor. The question today is to outsource or insource again and making use of robot technology (RPA). Challenges in the area of leading restructuring have become common, likewise dealing with topics in the area of Corporate Finance, M&A, Treasury and Investor Relations. It is not uncommon for the modern-day CFO to also take the lead in HR, Legal and IT topics or even Operations and be one of the drivers of cultural change and transformation.

Consequently, the modern-day Financial Leader must be agile, innovative, and fast. Drive for excellence, generate insights for the rest of the C-suite and develop financial awareness within other function areas. S/he must be a strong communicator with an excellent feel of shareholder value and stakeholder’s interest.

Due to our deep understanding of organizational needs and company cultures as well as the specific requirements of a particular finance role and our decades of building a top financial executive network, we quickly identify which candidates fit best a target position.

Yes, many financial competencies are transferrable across industries but a CFO for a PE-owned or listed company requires a totally different set of competency and personal skillset than a FD for a family-owned company or a Scaleup. We have run successful searches in all these areas, we understand the specifics and adapt our search and selection process accordingly.

Hans Jonkers