Consumer & Retail

As consumer markets evolve constantly, top talents for new strategies and modern leadership are in demand

The business-to-consumer sector is particularly characterized by profound changes around diversity & inclusiveness, sustainability and circularity, omni-channels and social media impact that pose substantial challenges to traditional business models. Virtually unlimited availability of information, globalized trends and fast changing consumer behavior are making people more than ever the decisive factor for business success.

Consumer Products, Retail as well as Fashion and Luxury Goods are above-average challenging industries: They are volatile, have demanding customer groups, requiring creative, individualized marketing strategies and faster supply chains and are subject to constant change. What unites them all, whether retail, consumer goods or tourism companies, is the need for experienced and innovative leaders who understand social trends and the possibilities of data and new technologies, can drive creativity, foster growth, and increase efficiency and deliver inspiring customer experiences.

We partner with industry leaders as well as small and mid-sized companies, from manufacturers and well-known brands to vertical department stores and luxury goods companies. In doing so, we assist in the search and selection of leaders along the entire value chain, from General Management, Digitalization, Sales / Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations, HR and Finance.

The bar for leaders in Consumer and Retail is being raised constantly as consumer behavior is becoming more complex. The challenge is to offer the consumer an end-to-end world class individualized experience which can only be realized by integrating and aligning a smooth omnichannel strategy with excellent supply chain and operations.

Hans Jonkers