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Global Executive Search for digital leadership and leaders in the latest technologies like DLT/Blockchain, AI/ML, Robotics, NoCode/LowCode, Process Mining/Data and next

Digitalization no longer lives only in functions such as digital, data or innovation – digitalization is an equally fundamental craft and mindset that all organizations must develop, live and purposefully apply and should ideally be reflected across a broad spectrum of functions in an organization

The emergence of digital pure players with innovative business fields means that established companies in the Old Economy are facing ever greater challenges in their economic and personnel development: Technologies like Cloud and SaaS are already common goods in many cases. How do I stay relevant to a new, digitally minded generation of workers? What leadership behavior should I and my management develop in order to let the best possible potential of my employees unfold and a digital mindset thrive? How do I identify, attract, and retain digital leaders to keep my company operating successfully in the future and what kind of culture should I foster to maximize the value of the digitalization?

At the same time, companies in the New Economy see themselves in a constant phase of change: digitalization and the resulting scaling enables outstanding speed of growth, which does not only reflect within the business model and related figures but also within the personnel work. Success and development require stability, professionalism and experience, to gain a sustainable foothold in the organization. Speed is the new currency in the digitalization era, required to stay ahead or at least at par with the competition.

Digitalization and the increasing deployment of intelligent technology is reaching all corporate departments. It challenges the IT-department to manage the high complexity and speed of change within a short timeline and budget.

For years, our international team has successfully accompanied VCs, medium-sized companies, public institutions, Startup and Scaleups, IT service providers and manufacturers (software and hardware). Through excellent staffing and the development of management levels, we prepare organizations sustainably for the future and help them gear up and gain speed in their development. With intensive industry experience, high credibility and the crucial spark of joy, we accompany you in your challenges to let your company keep up with the high speed of digitalization.

Digitalization will only gear more traction in the coming years and spread its wings into so far untouched areas. At the same, time the next level of digitalization through robotization of operational processes and through Distributed Ledger Technologies of administrative processes has already begun. AI/ML and using faster and cheaper development tools like No code and Low code platforms will only accelerate these developments. Quantum computer is luring at the horizon and we can only begin to imagine the impact of this on business in our lives.

Hans Jonkers