ESG & Sustainability

Futureproofing – Executive Search for sustainability transformations 

Due to numerous internal and external factors, companies and organizations face a multitude of existential risks related to sustainability. Times have drastically changed, and business-as-usual is a thing of the past: long-term success requires that we move beyond complacency and unawareness – at one end of the spectrum – but also beyond reactivity and compliance, towards a regenerative, restorative and holistic approach to how we conduct business – at the other end of the spectrum. This requires a shift in mindsets from all stakeholders, which then leads to a shift in vision, purpose, strategy and operations.

The rewards of adopting real sustainable business practices are undeniable, both in financial and competitive terms, as well as in terms of many other direct and indirect opportunities. By addressing the interests of your stakeholders, you can ensure long-term success and resilience. To be effective, these practices are embedded at the core and at the top of the organization.

Kienbaum’s ESG & Sustainability Practice

Our thorough search methodology and our focus (through specialized practice groups and extensive external networks), means that we are well-placed to help you in appointing highly qualified and sought-after talent. As a practice group specialized in sustainability-related talent, we understand the breadth and complexity of this field. Our work is geared toward positions within your organization that play a crucial role in driving forward responsible business practices, by creating future-oriented transformation with tangible social, environmental, and business impact.

Our assignments include placing senior sustainability and ESG talent in companies, as well as placing senior talent and Executives in impact-driven organizations (such as those active in sustainable solutions for the built environment, sustainable solutions for the agri-food industry,  Naturebased Solutions, the energy transition, circularity solutions, impact investment, certifications, frameworks, etc.)

Sustainability and ESG positions will vary depending on factors such as your industry, your market, the size of your organization, your geographical scope, and your ambitions. These positions can be divided into the following key areas of responsibility:

When you are looking at partnering with a firm to identify and fill your sustainability talent gaps, you want a partner who understands your business and your challenges, in addition to thoroughly understanding best-in-class executive search practices. You also want a partner with a large relevant network and solid subject matter expertise. That partner is Kienbaum. 

Kienbaum supports you from the initial advising stages – tailored to wherever you may find yourself on the sustainability maturity curve – through to the identification and hiring of the Executives that help you transform and transition your organization to being future-proof.

We know the difference the right people make.

Elisabeth van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen

Partner – International Head of ESG & Sustainability

CEO’s Office | Strategy | Transformation & Innovation | Governance

Board oversight, strong governance structure, integrating sustainability & ESG considerations into board-level decision-making, evaluation of related risks and opportunities, sustainability & ESG strategy development, ethical business conduct, stakeholder and shareholder engagement, impact partnerships, and integrating emerging fields (*) into organizational strategy and structure (ethics, integrity, biodiversity and ecosystems protection, nature and climate protection, organizational resilience, regenerative resilience, conservation, mitigation & adaptation, social impact).

*Nature-based Solutions is one such emerging strategic field. Natural carbon sequestration (afforestation, reforestation, wetlands, oceans, soil), green infrastructure, agroecology, ecosystem and biodiversity restoration/conservation, carbon projects, local community development, coastal protection.

Regulatory | Compliance | Finance & Investor Relations | Corporate Affairs

Environmental/social/governance risk mitigation (in legal & finance), policy advocacy, data collection, KPI definition and monitoring, sustainability & ESG reporting, materiality & double materiality assessments, stakeholder transparency, sustainable finance/green finance (investment & portfolio management), impact investment, social entrepreneurship, impact measurement and evaluation, EU Taxonomy and EU due diligence.

Operations | Supply Chain | Manufacturing | Research & Development | HSE

Sustainability strategy implementation, resource management, emissions reduction (scope 1, 2 and 3), energy efficiency, renewable & clean energy, waste/water/wastewater management and reduction, biodiversity conservation, human rights & DEI, sustainability integration in the value chain (including the supply chain), materials innovation, sustainable product development (LCA, LCC, ecodesign), process innovation, circularity, biomimicry, ethical sourcing, water/soil/air contamination and pollution, supply chain systems, stakeholder engagement (including collaboration with research institutions, government agencies, NGO’s. etc).

HR | Marketing & Sales | PR & Communications | Social Engagement  

DEI, labor practices, community engagement/social welfare, sustainability marcom, reputation & brand management, employee and stakeholder training, employee well-being, enhancing customer & consumer relations.

IT | Technology

Research & development in technological innovation, identification and implementation of (green) technological solutions, venture building, technology investments.

Impact Driven Organizations

Philanthropy | Charitable Initiatives | Non-profit initiatives | Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships (4P)

Based on the above, our track record enables us to support you with executive search and recruitment in the fields that tackle sustainability risks, which includes sustainable business, ESG (environmental, social, governance), sustainable finance, responsible investment, sustainable energy and cleantech.