Executive Interim Management

Executive Interim Management

In every company there are periods in which the existing functional interpretation no longer suffices: a change that must be realized on short term, a radical restructuring, a transformation which got stuck and needs new energy, to lead the business through a new growth phase, imminent insolvency or the need to fill unexpected vacancies.
To help our customers in such situations, we have the Kienbaum Executive Interim Management network:

We have been carefully curating an exclusive network consisting of meticulously chosen and hand-picked top-tier Interim Executives to address exactly these challenges. Our rigorous selection process includes thorough assessments, track record evaluations, and comprehensive psychometric profiling, accompanied by extensive reference checks. Our experienced and battle-tested experts help solve complex business challenges and are available on short notice.

The Kienbaum Interim Executives bring a proven track record in top executive roles, making them well-equipped to handle any situation with finesse. They bring their expertise to assist with various projects, from family businesses to listed companies, restructurings or scaling a business, ensuring tangible results that impact your bottom line. Their strategic insights and hands-on support helps your company thrive during times of change and growth.

Our network consists or a wide variety of fields of expertise, of which some are listed here:

  • General Management
  • (Digital) Transformation Management
  • Restructuring Management
  • Financial Management
  • Commercial and Marketing Management
  • HR Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

We stand committed to providing the highest level of Interim Executives to support our customers in achieving their business objectives.

Are you looking for Interim Executives who can help your company tackle an imminent challenge? Please reach out to Hans Jonkers, who will consult you regarding all matters.