Helping manufacturing companies to adapt to fast changing environments where new technologies are constantly coming onto the market

The general conditions for entrepreneurs and managers are currently particularly complex and challenging. Established business processes are being disrupted, innovation is a prerequisite for growth and sustaining margins. Vertically integrating Supply chains are an opportunity and a threat at the same time. Most recent developments have made outsourcing and off shoring questionable again developments in robotics, IoT, AI/ML might make near shoring or insourcing a viable business case.

Depending on the company’s orientation, the demands on the management team vary considerably, especially in the Industry segment. Overarching success factors such as innovative strength, sustainability or technology leadership are just as important as the competence of the managers to meet the complex situation in the manufacturing industry with the help of appropriate and future-oriented solutions.

The Industry Practice Group is a partner to both internationally oriented medium-sized companies and global players in its segment. We advise manufacturing companies involved in the development and production of technical products with high innovation pressure. In the Netherlands we specifically support the Semi-Conductor/EMS industry, the Automotive, Aviation and Shipping industry, the installation and construction materials industry as well as the pump and filter industry.

Clients in life sciences manufacturing are served by our MedTech & Life Sciences practice group. Clients in Installations, Building and Construction supplies are served by the Building & Construction practice group.

With our special focus on innovation, digitalization and future viability, are we the sparring partner and source of inspiration for our clients in terms of leadership competencies and relevant technologies. We support you along the entire value chain.

Hans Jonkers