Replacement employees for Engelhorn

The Customer

Engelhorn KGaA is one of Germany’s top addresses for fashion, accessories, shoes, sports apparel and sporting goods. In its eight outlets spread across 41,000 square meters, the family-run corporation offers a multi-faceted product range. Besides engelhorn Mode im Quadrat, its traditional fashion house and flagship business, Engelhorn’s divisions include acc/es for sophisticated accessories, engelhorn the box with a wide selection of casual shoes and urban wear, and the vast sporting goods retailer, engelhorn sports. These diverse product offerings are rounded out by an exclusive lingerie and linens specialty shop and a hosiery outlet. The comprehensive range of services, extensive brand competence and friendly staff turn shopping at engelhorn into a distinctive experience.

The Project

When replacements are needed in key positions, the Engelhorn family company relies on our experience, network and perfectly matched candidates.

Since 1890, our family-led company has been a hallmark of the region – our success is backed up every day by over 1500 competent and friendly employees. In the staffing of key functions, we rely on Kienbaum’s competent consulting services.
Fabian Engelhorn, Managing Director