Assessment Services

Securing success through evaluation of aptitude and performance

In addition to management assessments, we support your company in the development and step-by-step implementation of sustainable aptitude analysis processes, tools and instruments as well as the corresponding qualification of your employees. In addition, we advise and support you in identifying critical success requirements for your employees and managers and translate these into your own competency and potential model. We systematically build on your corporate goals and market-strategic challenges.

A pivotal factor for sustainable success of your company is to identify the competence, potential and performance profile of your employees in a secure and resource-oriented way. With (digital) aptitude testing procedures, we support your company in filling strategic key positions, identifying talents and top performers, as well as in targeted executive development. Our portfolio of diagnostic tools and methods and our many years of cross-sector experience in national and global companies enable us to support you with tailor-made concepts.

We offer you professional, individual services in the field of assessment and diagnosis. We can carry out assessments, implement systems or, as an external partner, provide long-term support on assessment topics in order to give you the necessary certainty when assessing aptness and performance. If you have any questions about specific diagnostic tools, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at any time.

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