Board Services

Mastering the establishment, remuneration and functioning of supervisory bodies.

Corporate governance is changing with the emergence of new quality standards for advisory, supervisory and executive boards. The selection and functioning of supervisory boards sets the pace, while greater public awareness demands the professionalizing of monitoring operations and consulting activities by advisory and supervisory boards.

The selection of suitable board candidates for proposal to the General Meeting requires a great deal of sensitivity and professionalism. We support you in meeting the diversity-related challenges of succession planning by preparing qualification profiles specifically tailored to your company’s unique control environment. To portray the work of the supervisory board within an appropriate compensation structure, we prepare individual analyses and expert benchmarking reports.

Our consultation services range from executive search for Executive and Non-Executive Board members, supporting self-evaluations, expert benchmarking reports for C-Level, supervisory board and advisory board compensation to the design of compensation systems for the various stages of a career. Compensation tools such as our on-line compensation database, the Board Remuneration Analyzer – a tool for assessing board compensation – or the compensation portal for querying market data and board research studies, offer your organization additional benefits.

Our corporate governance experts support and advise you in the formation of advisory groups and the search for suitable members of your supervisory board. We advise you on all questions surrounding the compensation of directorates, boards and management.

Board Design for scaleups and medium-sized (family-owned) companies
A newly to be designed board requires a thorough approach determining the long list of requirements and competencies needed and next the puzzle to make sure all is covered in the individuals profiles of the newly to be appointed board members.

Scaleup board with independent and VC representing board members or a Joint Venture board with independent and dependent representatives result in different board dynamics. For a Scaleup board the risk profile and reputation risk might come in play. Important for the board member is to understand the typical dynamics around a Scaleup such as its financial situation and financing rhythm, agility and required speed, growth before EBIT, replacement of leadership/founders, technological innovation, new working methods and much more. On the other hand, a Scaleup might expect more from its Supervisory board members in guidance, coaching, industry know how, networking and so on.

Owners of medium-sized (family-owned) companies have a great leeway in setting up their advisory boards. But in order to master entrepreneurial challenges in the long-term and to meet the individual needs of the shareholder and family structure, tailor-made appointments respecting companies’ history and culture must be made.

While owners of medium-sized family companies have flexibility in designing their advisory bodies, these efforts must be tailored for long-term success to meet business challenges and match the specific shareholder-family structure. With the advantage of wide-ranging experience over many years, our team can facilitate optimal establishment and compensation.