Salary Forecast 2022

How will your salary develop in the upcoming year 2022?

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The study contains the expected trends in compensation in a total of 48 countries worldwide and was made possible thanks to more than 600 participating companies who completed our survey. This year, particular attention is paid to the investigation and quantitative evaluation of the gender pay gap.

With political and economic currents as well as societal debates about the topic, the field of compensation is shaped and transformed continuously. Company‘s decisions regarding compensation are influenced by heavily debated topics like transparency, fair pay, economic growth and globalization as well as performance and simplification and streamlining of compensation systems.

We aim to provide a knowledge base that may aid in the forthcoming budgeting and salary rounds. Besides the most up to date figures on salary development, we included the expected inflation rates of 2022 in our analysis to provide you with both the average and the real salary development figures for each country.

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Salary Forecast 2022

Download the Kienbaum Salary Forecast 2022 here!