Salary Forecast 2024

Insight into Future Compensation Strategies 

Driven by inflation and a shortage of specialized talent, employers are feeling an increasing pressure to craft effective compensation structures to attract and retain top talent. The obvious question arises: will we witness more extraordinary salary increases? 

Our Kienbaum Salary Development Forecast 2024 offers essential insights. Based on data from more than 800 companies across various sectors around the globe, this study unveils the key trends. 

Last year, we witnessed notable dynamics in salary development in many places. Propelled by inflation and an ongoing labour market tightness, employees rightfully demanded higher wages. Employers faced the challenge of implementing market-driven adjustments and retaining top talent. 


What does 2024 hold in store for us? 

Our findings suggest significant salary increases once again, even when considering decreasing inflation. We also delve into the role of economic factors, geo-political developments and individual performance in these developments. 

The study reveals a diversity of expectations across Europe, with price evolution remaining the primary influencing factor. From Brazil to Germany, from the Netherlands to Japan, the expected increases vary widely. In many countries, specialists and professionals can anticipate the most substantial raises. 

Curious about what this means for your organization in 2024? Download and explore the Kienbaum Salary Development Forecast 2024 and prepare for the future of compensation.

Salary Forecast 2024

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