Digital Readiness Check

By means of concise questions and just a few clicks, your team members will discover their digital improvement potential through an on-screen test.

A flexible tool, that examines and enhances a person’s own digital maturity level

Using the Digital Readiness Check, Kienbaum determines your employees’ digital maturity levels and uncovers their starting points and individual development potential at the levels of mind set, skill set and tool set. To a large degree, today’s modern work environment is characterized by the digital transformation of companies and their business models. This transformation creates a continuous disruptive process with far-reaching consequences. To be able to keep pace with these ongoing changes, we analyze key components that are critical to success based on the Kienbaum model for digital competence, and we show employees and organizations how to equip themselves for the digital transformation.

The Digital Readiness Check was developed through a scientific cooperation with the Kienbaum Institute for Leadership and Transformation at the International School of Management in Dortmund.

Through 70 assessment questions that can be optionally tailored to the specific requirements of your company, Kienbaum analyzes the digital maturity level of your employees and organization. Participants can log in to receive personal feedback with suggestions and insights. The group results serve as the basis for the company’s decisions regarding further stimulus measures.

Digital Readiness Check Procedure

How the assessment of employees’ skills provides important insights

In the modern work environment, the digital transformation of companies and their business models is a continuous disruptive process, not a single event. The operational consequences are far-reaching. Against a backdrop of non-stop changes, progressive innovations and increasing complexity within the organization, the need in companies for digital transformation is greater than ever. This is because: Digital competence makes companies successful. This is especially the case with employee competence. Here especially, a shift occurs from skills that used to be important in analog situations to those that are in demand in today’s digitally based businesses. The result is a need for companies to achieve clarity regarding what digital competence their employees possess and what is missing, what are the needs for further training and support and where digital talents are lying dormant. The Digital Readiness Check constitutes an effective instrument to reach this clarity. At Kienbaum Institute and at Kienbaum itself, scientists and experts with backgrounds in business psychology and aptitude diagnostics are engaged in important work. Using data-driven individual assessments, they are able to measure digital competence. These procedures result in reliable findings regarding employee capabilities with respect to their digital competence.